Choongmoo kimbap

Plain rolled mini bites kimbap (with just rice inside) with a side of radish kimchi and spicy octopus side dish - this is called "choongmoo kimbap".

I often get one serving (6000won) for a quick meal in Myungdong.

 It comes with a side of hot soup.   It's quite filling and spicy!

eat with a fork (no chopsticks here)


Don't forget that you can get refills on the hot soup and banchan (radish kimchi and spicy octupus).  So worth the 6000won.

Get off exit 6 of Myungdong station.  Walk towards the big street on your left.  Keep walking down about a block and on the corner of the second block on your right (before the M-Plaza building), you will see a small store with these kimbap on display.  

Get inside and pick a table/seat - you have to pay first before you get your food (they take cards).  It is 6000won per serving.  You can even just get one serving even in a group (unlike meat grill restaurants where 2 serving is a minimum order).

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