3 week vacation from LCB

woohoo~~~ no classes at LCB for 3 weeks bc it's summer!! and the chefs are heading back to their homeland, france for their given vacay days~~ my main chef is heading to paris~ right now!

so, that means.. PRACTICE TIME. loads of it. needs to be done. hopefully, i will be doing enough practice to share it here^^


  1. oh wow i missed so much from your blog! wow your life is awesome!

    You're going to be a beast with pastry making.

    is Jollienne your French name? it's cool.

    keep the posts comming!

  2. enjoy your 3 week break~~
    time's gonna FLY~

  3. hehe thanks dongseng^^ well yes, it's my new name :)~ ill def keep posting~ u know where to reach me now :P

    one week is already going by so fast and all ive done was housework!!!..eeeks... kk


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