vegetable pasta

vegetables, olive oil, garlic~~ easy to make dinner yumyums are my favorite.

i like to keep dinner simple. however, desserts can be a lil fancier^^..


  1. lookin' pretty, as always :)))
    wanna take u and acetard out for luch or dinner soon for his bird day~~^^

  2. aww thanks..

    andrew wants to see you soon too! if you are avail tomorrow or anyday next wkend~ pls let us know^^ bird day?! you mean chicken&beer day?! oh yes ppls!! kk

  3. i was thinking of making a run into town to go to myeongdong tomorrow anyway ^^;; so i'll shoot you guys a text and hopefully our schedules can coordinate for some grub!

  4. ooh yay!! sounds good!!! see you ne-il :)


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