beattie previee (hapjeong)

one summer day in a cafe in hapjeong

with cute mini sandwich bites!

despite the growing heat, there was a nice breeze coming in, except the smokers that we avoided and moved tables (cafes should not allow smoking!..yuck)


  1. i forgot about you!
    excited for some cooler weather.. so we don't have to sweat like pigs during our hunts :))
    but i'm already missing the longer days.. hate it when the sun sets so early~

  2. this week is a lil bit cooler! yay! i didn't even pull out my sunbrella while the sun was shining on me~ :P but really, i cannot wait for fall and saying sayonara to my hobo clothes. kk.. but wait, my bum style continues till winter! and my boots! yes, i cant wait to wear snow boots everyday... :P

  3. I love wearing snowboots every day! I need some new ones,, mine just have holes in them. Hobo? Bum? More of a trend setter than anything:)))


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