Another set of online plant purchase

 After settling down to our new apt, mission one:  get more plants to fill up the space.

They arrived and are beautiful!

it says "live plants, please take caution"

wow, excellent packaging!!

plant intact

Jack sniffs.  Those are freebies of plant food!

oh laid out to be repotted

Jack sniffs

These plants were about 2500won each.  It was super super cheap.  And only 2500won shipping free. I am very happy with the purchase.

Just look at the packaging!  And it arrived the next day I ordered them.  This is why I love online shopping in Korea.  You can get great things at great price and service.

My plant purchase this time were 7 in pots in total.  All very healthy.  It's been 2 weeks now and they are thriving! I will be ordering more from them soon.

I have about 50+ potted plants in our home now.  I have this tendency to fill a sun lighted  area with a plant.  I have to slow myself down.  It's like an addiction.

One of the reasons I hesitate to travel much is because of my plants...sigh.  My cats, oh they're fine by themselves (jk), but my plants need TLC everyday.  That's the only downside to having plants.  You have to look after them like babies (over exaggeration).

With the air quality in Seoul (and most cities), having plants at home helps, also great for sucking up the heat during summer and gets it warm and moist in winter.  You can't go wrong with having plants! :)

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