What to wear to a "black dress event"

Ohh.... what do you wear to a "black dress event".  I looked it up.. since I don't know much about this kind of "dress up stuff".

It says pretty much anything goes for women, it just depends on the occasion.  You can show some skin or not.  Wear mini dress or long.  It's up to the lady!  But it just makes things so difficult for me. 

Especially when you don't really want to stand out for not being dressed too down or up...  I personally am not that "dressy" to begin with...so I put a few things together that would fit my life style/sense.  ***I like to dress down on most occasions.  I don't like to wear colorful makeup, or pretty much wear no makeup.  I don't like to show too much skin.

(credit goes to the photo owners)

Black or bold color?  Either one looks great!

classy style:  Han Ga-In

subtle "dress up"

or suble "dress down" to an event

 with that face of hers, she can do no wrong!?

Han Ga-In is so pretty!

 I personally love this style on her.  She looks so natural and pretty!  so so so very pretty.  I even like her undone natural hair, just tied back like that.   But she pumps it up with black nail polish.  That's styling!

It's so hard for women!  Oh the choices...

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