Exo xoxo

Oh my... Who knew a boyband could change my life.

Well, kind of.

Because of EXO, I feel "younger".  Like 16 year old giddy girly young feeling.

No, I don't have the "hots" for the EXO members.  I respect them so much for the hard work they put in their videos, perfs, albums..etc.  You can imagine how much these guys work.

I respect the boys so much.  Considering the youngest member is 11 years younger than I am..heh!  It's more like an adoration for the boys.  I haven't liked a boyband like this since I was actually a teenager!

Who knew a boyband could make a 32year old lady feel giddy and happy.  Which means more "happy hormones" floating in my body to make my immune system healthy and strong = in turn cells younger and happy healthy mind and body! (nerdy me!)

And I'm so thankful for that!  Who cares how you're supposed to feel and act.  Age is really nothing but a number.  

I stopped counting my age, nor do we (my husband and I) celebrate our bdays, bc it's really just a number.  Once I reached 28, counting my age felt unnecessary.  It even feels forced to celebrate it. 

So 30year olds, let the Kpop boybands make you feel giddy and young.  Because feeling like a 16 year old girl is good for you (in turn your health, vitality, soul).

We adults, stopped acting with our hearts.  We think of how to act according to what society makes us think we should act.

Forget all that.  For now, I feel like I'm 16!

And that's all good with me :)

And here's to my favorite EXO member:  Xiumin (Minseok)
giddy giddy happy happy

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