business(prestige) class in Korean Air

curry chicken meal... banchan and salad served first

prestige (business) class in Korean Air to US from Korea is nice because you get to relax for the long 13~14 hour flight.

An honest review of them... would be that, they have the prettiest flight attendants(yes they do!), but their quality is not consistent (in service/food). 

One time their steak was rubbery.   I would never order steak again.

Another time, I got a "trainee" attendant that made constant mistakes... not getting my food on time and her service was not as professional. 

The last time I flew with them, they had "chicken curry meal" that came with banchan & salad (cheese/tomato) served first.  The chicken curry was okay (nothing to write about), which came with a side soup (and I think it was seaweed soup).  I don't remember it well, but enough to remember how strange it was and it must be for the non-Koreans to have curry meal with seaweed soup.  Strange combo (esp with the salad!)

I also do not like how they bow and say welcome/goodbye to each passengers personally (individually).  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  I would rather be left alone than have 2 attendants bow and put on that forced smile (awkward!).   And they can never seem to figure out whether to speak Korean or English to me.  It's been 50/50 ^^

However, their seats aren't bad at all.  You have to get used to them -because it's not like a real bed, but a flat chair.  I don't really pass out or sleep as long as people would assume.  I use that time to just mediate and to try stay in the time zone I am going to.  It's helped with jet lag so far.  Esp with almost half a day of difference when to US - Korea.

Until next flight.. we'll see if they get better food.  BUT their cookies were pretty good last time!! I'll give them that :)

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