Exo is bringing back the 90s feel with "Call Me Baby"

I can't believe I am listening to Kpop again.  And for that, Exo.  Yes, Exo.  I never got into their music, even with the famous "growl" song. 

I'm in my early 30s jamming to their newest song, "Call Me Baby".  Age ain't nothing, but a number!

Their music video and song is bringing me back the good feeling of early 2000s(Nsync?!) when I was in high school...or even back to the good old Kpop days along 1997-1999 with the solid Kpop boy bands like HOT, Shinwa Fly to the Sky..etc.

I love the whole video.
The dance, music, and even their hair and outfits.
I really adore and love this song + choreography!

I was "not loving" Kpop recently(for a while actually) because it was getting to "dark"(illuminati?) and too sexy for my taste.  It didn't make me feel "happy feel good".  And that's what music is supposed to do right?  

I hope SM sticks to this concept and music for Exo :)   I find that recent Kpop has been really too westernized - there is a lack of "Korean" pop music - but more like "Western pop music in Korean".  I really miss hearing all the old style Kpop feel music.  It's been hard to find it lately.  But Exo's newest song is making me feel optimistic about Kpop again.

This could be a classic song for them that one can listen to years and years later.  As a matter of fact, I still listen to many old Kpop groups, like SES, Fly to the Sky, FinKL, As One..etc., to make me feel "good" and happy :)  I listen to my old Kpop jam whenever I need that happy energy.

Still to this day, some of the earlier SM music sounds really great.  What happened to those producers?!  1999 was the golden Kpop era.

Anyways, I hope SM sticks to making more "feel good" music like this.  I'll be watching out for more Kpop now.

my forever feel good happy jam:  SES - "I Love You" MV (1998) 

when Kpop was actually really really cute innocent and pure and happy and stuff... sniffles...

FinKL - Waiting For You

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