View from 28th floor

It's amazing what a difference a house makes.  Or even a subway station away makes.

We moved only one station away and our lives are SO much better and happier already!  There are so many things to list to why things are much different and better now.

First of all, I don't feel "stuffy"!   at all!  I can look out our living room and see the blue sky and clouds.  No building blocking the view.   I don't feel "cooped up" now.

Our neighborhood feels humbler, more people friendly from the "high nosed" community we were living in.

Just because we were in a "famous name brand" apartment complex, our old neighborhood felt so snooty!  You can just feel it in the air.  FYI:  I am an empath that feels energies.  Look it up online if you are one!

The difference in our new place is that, since our apt building houses small to very large homes (differ in prices), nobody acts like they're better than the other.   I haven't gotten that feeling or felt the energy.  There's a mix of classes (not that it matters), but you can feel the "variety" and somehow, it feels much warmer here.

I hate to say that the environment makes a difference, but it does.  Sure, you can live somewhere not so great and feel great too.  But it makes it so much easier to feel a "happier warmer energy" where you are living.

Already, we are loving our new home.  We haven't heard any neighbors talking next door (yes, we used to hear our neighbors talk, not that we were trying).

This building we are in was constructed in 2004, which most Koreans know, the older apts have better, thicker walls.  hah!  Our previous apt was built in 2011..and you could hear pretty much everything (babies crying, fighting couples, calling their dog,...etc etc..).

BIG LESSON:  live only in "older" apts.  I'm not sure what the cut out year is.  I heard that the recent govnt allowed a huge leeway on regulations on wall thickness, building law, etc... etc... so the newer apts aren't always great.

I haven't had the need to cook!  We have restaurants in our lower floors!  So much variety and cheaper too!  I couldn't describe how awesome it is.  And they're not just "blah food" places either.  So thankful.

We have grocery store in our building.  And they have great fruit selection and decent prices.

Our building is connected to the subway.  No walking, busing home.

Our neighborhood has great restaurants just behind our building is the "restaurant street".

Because of this new home, we are appreciating Seoul more and more.

Amazing how my perception changes just like that.

I tell ya, the only constant thing is CHANGE.


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