Goob-Ne Chicken: review of "pepper flakes" chicken

Ordered "goopne chicken": Gochu basasak! 16,000won!  It came in a nice box set.

chicken, 2 sauces, radish pickles

It doesn't look as appetizing at first.  BUT BUT, 

came w 2 diff sauces

It tastes amazing!!! I've had my share of chickens here... But this one is really tasty! 

The "pepper flavoring" on the chicken really spices the flavor up!  It's a mild spiciness.   

 Also love love the 2 sauces that came with it.  They both tastes great w the chicken.  One is pepper tasting, the other is more of a spicy mayo taste.  Really compliments the chicken, but good even without the sauces.

oh so juicy

The chicken itself is really tasty to begin with.  It's "baked", so it's not as greasy as other chicken places.  It was very juicy and had no "chicken meat" taste or smell at all.

I am really impressed with this chicken place.  I know that not all chicken chains, even of the same kind, serve the same quality of food.  Sadly, it does depend on the restaurant itself and not the chain.  That's the down side to the Korean chicken chains - not as consistent - hopefully it's getting better - we'll order more then!

We're really happy we found this one.  This is in DOHWA-dong (mapo-gu).  

This set came with the sauces as shown and radish pickle and a small can of soda.  Pretty good for 16,000won!

I would order this again.  Very soon.

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