"jan-chi gooksu"

the weather has cooled down this weekend.. i used to crave the "summer" noodle dishes in Korea.. (bibim nengmyun..) but i could really go for this simple noodle right now.. usually eaten in colder weather?! (or maybe just us :P)

....janchi guksu (my short cut way..)

1) prepare the toppings (sauteed carrots & zuchini? (hobak), simple egg omelet..)

2) prepare anchovy broth

3) cook "somyun" noodles.

4) put together; noodles - broth - toppings
(add shredded toasted seaweed and kimchi as desired)


  1. 맛있겠다!!

    oh i know whatcha mean :)))
    i eat naengmyun and bibimguksu 2-3 times per week. and soon, it'll be time for bosintang^^

  2. ^_^

    ahhh boshintang!!!! it is that time of the year~~ kk


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