Fireworks in October (Yeouido)

Sometime around the holiday after October 3rd - Seoul holds a fireworks event! 

The street across from us was holding a little festival of their own.

The guy on the stage is a comedian/host from a show called, "6 o'clock hometown show" from KBS.  It was a mini singing contest - mostly old Korean songs - it was nice to be in that festive energy.

We headed back to our home to enjoy the show from our window - luckily we caught it on time just after having dinner out.

The bridge was on fire!  All that work! 

It was a very impressive one this year - last year was also pretty nice - this year wasn't as bad either!  You can see the swarm of people from Youido walking over to MAPO station - I can't imagine how busy and packed it must be.

When there's an event in Seoul - you can bet it's going to be packed!  That's a guarantee ;)


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