Hot hot hot in mid October

The weather has been too warm for October! I don't know whether it's the beginning of summer or the middle of it.

It's nice during winter because our South facing window soaks up all the heat - but the unusually warm hot weather is puzzling, frustrating, and even worrying the beheevies out of me especially when just a few posts (weeks) ago I was unknowingly claiming the breezy cool start of autumn.  Again, I am wrong.

It's been going on for the past 2 weeks now.  The pm2.5 level pollution hovers around 80 - 100 range (normal is 20, China is around 400) and sometimes higher in my area.

It doesn't help the added frustration of just wanting to see the clear blue clear sky - not a hazy yellowy grayish depressing blue that looks cloudy - when I spot lines of chemtrail spraying right above us.  The boldness to be spraying chemicals in the sky when air pollution is way above normal!  The audacity!

I deeply worry about Korea.    I've been here since 2007 and I have never seen such horrid sky days, unpleasantly warm weather for October, and killer air pollution when days of clear days are the rarity.

I try to pay attention to our diet nowadays by eating cleaner and drinking more water.  Better to help yourself than complain complain and whine.

Ignore that gray dull sky and murky warm weather in October - that's the best you can do at this day of age.

The government here doesn't seem to care much about the situation - politics aside - more and more society all around the world shows who's boss.

Helping yourself is the best solution!

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