Diy: rubber gloves into useful big bands

If you're an avid pink glove user, you might just might have felt too guilty to throw away the worn pair (the right pair always seem to be the one that wears out first because I am right handed) while you're in the midst of finishing up your dish washing session.  I have.  Felt too guilty to throw a good pair just because I couldn't stand trickle of dirty water penetrating my index finger.  

To lessen this first(second) class world problem, just grab a pair of scissors and cut away!  

You can make little or big or stretchy or tight bands, for different uses and occasion.   

I use the looser band for big bags like pet food or beans, and tigher bands for closing up frozen food bags. 

It's very useful to have different bands for different occasions.  Now you can feel less guilty of throwing that almost good pair away.  

These are the fun little things house keepers like myself can come up and feel good about (patting myself on the back) when you do a chore many occasions enough.  

Bonus:  you can cut a big wider piece to help you open up jars!  

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