On the border to go! (IFC mall Yeouido)

Our first meal for Chuseok was Mexican food!  Sometimes you just crave for something different.  I haven't had Mexican food in a while and it sounded like the perfect treat for simple eaters like us.  This is our fancy meal. 

Not knowing whether ifc mall was open for the holiday, we were delighted to learn that they were open as usual!  Thank goodness or we'd be eating rice and kimchi and even I had enough of that simple fare.  

The to go bag is brought home to be displayed as a feast.  I took them out of their to go packaging to make it look more authentic.  

These plastic to go boxes reminds me of home (US) and it brings a pretty good feeling to start the feast.  We only ordered 3 items on the menu - but it looks as if we ordered 6 things!

I so missed this kind of food!  

Such a different fare from Korean food.  And it tastes so good!

Putting the "taco salad" together is a bit of a work.  It came all separated in its own containers. Beef, sauce, salad, fried bowl - separately as not to get soggy. 

Our coupons worked despite being expired.  They didn't bother checking the date stamped on it / yay!  5 percent off our total order!

IFC mall is one of our favorite eating places lately - they have some of our fave eats and in conveniently located in Yeouido station.  

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