Jelly pudding cups in 7-11

Those days when you want something sweet and refreshing, but not heavy or creamy - head to the jelly section in convenient store!

Grabbed these jellies!

One is grape - it has real grapes on the bottom.  And the other one is "coco-strawberry"

They look like the perfect treat!

Can you see the green grapes on the bottom? 

It's sweet, but not heavy and the real grape bites makes you feel like you're eating something a bit healthier (but not likely so).

The coco-strawberry is not as sweet as the grape one!  It tastes a bit creamy from the coconut milk addition. 

I like the jelly more than the chunks of jelly on the bottom because they were too sweet for my liking.

Enjoyed these thoroughly..!

What's your less than guilty sweet treat?! ;)

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