Monk fish stew (Masan Agu-Jjim) - Yeouido Lotte castle

Have you ever seen what monkfish looks like?  They are not the most desirable of their species, but I might be wrong because to each their own, however, provided they look the way they do, they deliver much pleasure to the palette when sacrificed for human consumption. 

Koreans like to eat monk fish in stews, spicy or nonspicy.  This restaurant delivers a fair plate of monkfish stew for the nonspicy eaters. You can get this dish for 50,000won(smallest size) called "agu suyook."

Fried rice is served afterwards.  Come for yourself to discover monk fish korean style and without all the spice that sometimes hinders the genuine taste. 

Here are some info provided below.  You can search it in naver maps for more details.   It is located in Lotte castle (b1) in Yeouido.

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