Ilho Myunok in Lotte castle arcade (Yeouido)

As previously stated, I enjoy "hamheung" nengmyun out of all the nengmyun out there.  So my "nengmyun enthusiast" husband wanted me to show a proper hamheung nengmyun. 

We headed to Yeouido Lotte Castle arcade.  

One thing I love about korean restaurants is that the menu is limited. Sometimes options (unlimited) makes (my) life much complicated than it should be.

I appreciate the smaller menu here.  As usual with nengmyun restaurants, we ordered mandoo with our hamheung and bibim nengmyun.  The spicy latter nengmyun is mine.  

The mandoo was superb!  It had plenty of veggies to combat the pork taste.  I didn't particularly enjoy the dipping sauce that came with it.  It wasn't the vinegar and soy sauce mix we concoct.  But very happy to have ordered these!

Getting mandoo in a nengmyun restaurant is a must for us because we enjoy the warmth meaty pairing with our cold noodles and because it also gives a good judge on how seriously they take their trade.  

The soupy "hamheung nengmyun" boasts a thicker creamier looking broth!  And it tastes as amazing as it looks.  They pride in making natural broth and the taste is a result of it. 

My "bibim nengmyun" was very good as well!  There were enough "skate meat" in it that made the dish very rich.  It's hard to find so much skate meat in these bibim nengmyuns.  No, it's not the scary fermented skate, but sweet and spicy vinegary skate meat that adds a chewy and refreshing meaty texture to a could be bland dish.  

I was overall very happy with the meal.  Koreans pride in making one kind of dish really well and that's the case with Ilho Myunok.  If you are around Yeouido and enjoy nengmyun, I would recommend this place. 

Lotte Castle arcade has many restaurants inside if cold noodles aren't your thing, you will probably find a good alternative here.  The "monk fish restaurant" I blogged earlier is located here too.  

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