Still my favorite chocolate cafe - Laderach in SFC mall (Gwanghwamun)

After all these years... I can't seem to replicate their chocolate drink.. I've been close but never the same.  I can't seem to replicate their delicate balance of subtlety and boldness in flavor of chocolate.  It's never too sweet and always just the right sugar content.  Now that hoodie season is here, I know this will be my cafe for the season.

Laderach is my favorite chocolate place located inside SFC mall in Gwanghwamun.

They have a great selection of chocolate in front.  However enticing, I always stick to my "classic chocolate drink."

My husband enjoys the cool choco mint drink.  I can't seem to mix mint and chocolate like that in one sip - however I do like it in solid form. 

SFC mall has many restaurants and cafes.  Not many but enough to pick something - but it's not really on the casual side and a bit more on the expensive side.  I would say mid range - the cheapest option probably is bulgogi brothers. 

There's 5cijung cafe inside - it's a fun and cute cafe for the ladies.  Dainty and calming.

There's also Tartine now which is new. You can get American pies.  I haven't tried this one here - but I have enjoyed the original shoppe in Itaewon.

There's a bit of shopping but very little - it's more for upscale eating and good cafes.  It's a nice place for a blind date night when you don't want any nuissance from the weather to make sure your hair stays on par and makeup never to melt away.


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