What the Chemtrail! (Seoul, Korea)


After a few days of beautiful clear days - I guess they didn't want it to last - the sky is covered in Chemtrail film of gray dusty looking blanket.  

Is there a jet show?  You gotta wonder what's up there. 

I like to ask questions.  I don't know how I came about learning about chemtrails - but glad I did.

Doesn't hurt to ask and learn why.  I'm lucky enough to live high enough to see the beginning of spraying process  (streaks of white lines) before it settles and makes a thick blanket of gray coverage.   

Geoenginering is nothing new. 

It's not some tale anymore.  More and more people are waking up to learn why the sky is the way it is.  

You can actually see the plane when you look closely that's spraying the sky and altering nature. 

The residue it leaves behind looks like clouds - but it's not.  It's very deceiving. 

How about a free "jet show" with a hint of aluminum dust to accelerate Alzheimer's!  Anyone?!

No one wants to know that evil is being done - but you have to wake up to see the truth:   

Everything is connected. 

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