Seoul city hall - garden pots, flowers, cafe mamas

Love it or hate it.  Seoul city hall runs its own show.  Wouldn't you say so just by the look of its exterior? (There's a hint of sarcasm there)

You can access it in many ways.  One through the city hall subway directly linked to an exit - or from the outside entrances behind and infront. 

This entrance is the front view of the building.

You can also get in the city hall through the entrance on its side. 

This entrance is another one close to the seoul library and behind it. 

There's a smoking area right next to it.

Clearly no smoking allowed unless inside that quarantines area.

So getting back to the city hall, this time they displayed garden pots outside the front entrance, however, they are sadly under cared and thirsty.

These eggplants would thrive so much more with more care and water.

These tomatoes are dried up - so sad to see - because as a gardening newbie, I would be proud of myself to have these tomato plants big as these.  To only have them neglected later down in time is a shame.  I suppose the hot August month didn't help at all.

On the right side of the city hall is a street that we like to take a stroll after our library visits.   If you keep walking down 3 blocks or so, you will hit cheonggye stream in Gwanghwamun.

On the right side of that road, just one block or so down from the city hall is one of our favorite cafe and sandwiches place called, cafe mamas.

They have decent sandwiches for its price (still not cheap by any means) and healthy fresh juice (without added sugar).  

We ordered our favorite grape and kale juice to go.

Waiting outside the waiting area for our ringer to ring.

Another great simple day!

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