Paris Baguette sandwiches for lunch!

Paris Baguette, I will call PB from now on, has been around Korea forever since I've been here.  They are notorious for being on every other block in the country.  They dominate and conquer the bread scene here.  As much as Koreans are majorly big rice eaters (although that percentage is slowly decreasing nowadays), they seem to need a PB accessible just as much as a convenience store.

But I'm happy to have their presence around nowadays because their quality has increased tremendously!

Anytime we want something fresher and lighter to eat - we now head to PB downstairs to pick up these sandwiches that are actually a lot cheaper and even better tasting than the fancier cafes in the city.

Their overall bread taste better because they somehow use "natural certified yeast" now.  They were known for having rather rubbery bread - now that's old news.  You can actually taste the difference in quality!

Thanks to increased in taste and expectation - PB finally upped up their game and I actually like their goods now.

The chicken and vegs taste fresh and tasty.  Nothing that can make you go, "oh why did I get this one.."

Even their famous "pizza breads" are pretty good now.  Although I pick all the sausage bites out - I still enjoy the remaining taste of ham in these baked goods.  Overall a big increase in their quality!

So I can safely recommend PB as a "good bakery chain" - not the best, but of pretty good value.  Not everything is great on their menu - but some of their sandwiches are good enough to ditch the fancy cafe fare.  I also enjoy their ice cream ;)

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