Earthquake in Seoul

On Monday September 19th, 8:33pm, I felt like I was lifted briefly in the air (very briefly!) while lying down on the sofa.  I looked over my husband and he too knew what it was.

We got our 2nd earthquake after just a week ago when it felt like the building shook (side to side) very briefly and ever so lightly.  This time felt like I was lifted up and down.

Very small number of people felt it in Seoul this round - that's what I get for being so sensitive.  

This is not my first experience with earthquakes - I grew up in the Philippines where I remember my mom holding us while the earth shook and things were flying off the shelves.  This is my 3rd earthquake feel in Korea since 2007.  

I can't say what this means - but perhaps it's natures way of reminding us that our time is brief here and any moment could be our last.  

Koreans are super scared because they always believed they were safe from earthquakes.  I can feel the paranoia here.  The way the government is handling small matters doesn't make it all assuring that if something big does happen that that might be it and the end.    A bit negative, but you can't blame them for being so paranoid. 

All I know is that we are all at the mercy of nature.  

On a lighter note:  Japan has lived with it and so can Korea.  They just have to start taking some actions for preparation and education in many required areas to better deal with earthquakes and its aftermath.  

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  1. When these quakes happen, there is no telling what destruction it can cause to everyone in its way. Aside from destroying buildings and properties when the lands are shaking, earthquakes can also cause tsunamis that can also bring havoc to people. With the many reports of earthquakes where do earthquakes occur


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