After chuseok - fall weather

The weather this chuseok wasn't as pleasant as it should have been - no blue sky in sight, but pale gray polluted air.  But that's no more!  

Ironic how the weather turned inside and out upside down after Chuseok.  We can see the ever so pretty blue sky and cotton candy clouds.

Fall also finally landed its path to stay - probably not as long as everyone hopes it would because autumn is one of the prettiest season in Korea.  Cool air, falling foliage leaves covers the streets makes you want to stroll and skip along with your favorite person hand in hand - and did I mention sweaters?  Hoodies?  It's my favorite time of the year!

The library in city hall had some books on sale in front.  I go giddy seeing books.

As pretty and colorful as they look - they were way too expensive for their condition - looked as if they were all thrown in a storage room 5 years ago only to be recovered and sold now.  

I hate to see books waste away and hope these find happy owners.

It was a lovely day to stroll and clean our lungs.  I felt relieved that the air cleared up. 

Cheonggyecheon stream still had people who enjoyed their river feet soaking - it felt too chilly for me to even try that.  The weather cooled off as the day went on.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around Gwanghwamun nowadays.  We love checking out what's new. 

We love this area.  Still have so many places we have yet to check out and eat.

What's your favorite place?

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