Is it summer all over again?

I was really dead on wrong.  Fall didn't come to stay.  It came to tickle my deep longing for being able to my hoodies - and behold, the tickle of autumn is gone to declare, it's summer all over again.  It was sweet while it was lasted. 

I'm kind of afraid that the weather will turn backwards and betray me.  With all the craziness around these days, I am bracing myself for anything unpredictable.  

It's hot, sunny, and humid like the beginning of Summer.  It feels like July.  I know September is that odd month that holds on to the last of summer. But I'm just so done with it by now.

The pollution is back to the nasty zone.  Hovering around 100 for almost a week or so now.  I was getting used to seeing clear weather and beautiful clouds and the sky - I've spoiled myself.

Seeing blue skies and having clear days were amazing.  It's sad that it's become a rarity now.  It wasn't always like this.  Since I've been here, it's just gotten worse over the years.  

So treasure those beautiful clear days and breathe em all in!

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