Organic milk soft serve - BaekMiDang (IFC mall Yeouido)

I don't eat as much ice cream in summer than I should considering what a hot summer we had.  But there is one place that I always get my share of ice cream whenever I see this place, no matter what always, most always.

Baekmidang is an ice cream place that serves their famous organic milk soft ice cream.  It was mind blowing the very first time I had it.  It's so soft, creamy and heavy with good organic milk!  If you like pure taste and milk, this soft serve is a must.

This one in IFC mall in Yeouido was a new store.  I was super thrilled to see it!  It didn't look like it belonged there amongst the clothing stores on the 3rd floor - most eateries are located on the bottom floor. 

They interestingly also have tofu soft serve ice cream.  But I'll stick to my organic milk one. 

It doesn't look like much - but I love the natural milk taste and organic factor.  But one thing I don't particularly like is their cone itself.  The bottom gets pierced down with the soft serve and drips easily.  You either have to eat it fast in a hot weather or just maneuver your way into biting the bottom when it starts dripping while eating the top all at the same time and trying not to look lest silly. I've managed to hone that skill with a few tries.  I don't think it's such a negative, but my husband dislikes their weak cone.

So he got a latte ice cream.  It's strong coffee and their soft serve.  

The coffee is pretty strong and of good quality and the creamy ice cream adds a bold contrast with the bitter coffee.  It's like a big affogato!

I purchased this book today!  

With that added book find, today was a good day. 

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