Kyungbook palace

we had a visitor from home so we of course headed to kyungbook palace.. although its sad how little physical history we really have compared to other countries.. but i was thrilled how beautiful the palace was compared to the other times ive been there. the weather was perfect, not too warm/chilly.. and there were tourists and school children everywhere.. it was a good atmosphere despite being a little more crowded than usual.

we got a little closer to the big pond to look for any fish inside... but as soon as one showed up, others came as if we were going to throw them food.. ^^

so serene..

if you walk behind the pond, there is a garden area.. and a persimmon tree!! :)

we didnt go too far back bc the boys were getting tired of walking.. id have to go again to see more~~ i would love to have a garden as close as this palace one day..^^

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