dessert time!

It's been a while since hubby and I have been out to a cafe.  We headed for some dessert to one of my newest favorite after a Korean dinner.  This cafe deserves a whole dedicated post.  But for now, this will have to do~^^

Their "waffle & ice cream (of Haagen Dazs) combo with 2 Americano coffee" is 21,000won.  Not bad for a very tasty set of yummies!  Both the coffee and waffle goodness were very very good!  My hubs loved the waffle :)  It's definitely one of the best ones here and who doesn't love a good ice cream from Haagen Dazs!

*at a Cafe in Samchungdong


  1. May I ask what the name of this cafe is? It looks lovely :)

  2. hi :) more details about the cafe is here at a blog post,



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