Migo - bakery @ Shinsegae department store

Shinsegae department store (kangnam branch) has great selections for pastry, bread, cakes, and sweets.  They have the sweetest selection for desserts.  Migo is one of the bakeries there.  They have a decent selection of small individual cakes great for dessert on the spot (take it to another coffee place around the area if u want coffee with it, no problem!) or to take home with you.  They put it away nicely for you in a cute to go box since you can't really eat it there anyway.  There are many other sweet shops on the lower floor as well where the food court is located.

Tiramisu cake from Migo

The department store has many other pastry/bakeries on the spot from different vendors/bakeries.  Definitely worth giving it a stop if you're looking for variety of sweets in one area.  Sweets such as macarons, cakes, pies, bread, rice cakes, and pastry goodies.  It's really worth a visit if you're a sweetie (=foodie)! ;)

LOCATION:  Gosok Terminal station (line 7), exit 8.  Follow the signs to the department store.  

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