Hongdae on a fall day

Around Hapjeong(station) of Hongdae area.  It's a very easy pleasant walk along the back streets and alley ways.  Don't be afraid to get lost, more like be prepared to get "lost" because you will come across a "gem" of your own~^^  


I love walking around Hongdae. It's almost meditative.  I enjoy how one street will look different from the month before... The area is definitely changing on its own.  Seeing an area "grow" over months and years is pretty intriguing.  Hapjeong station being one of the area that suddenly grew into another "cafe street" in less than a year.  It's like watching a child grow and flourish :P


Hapjeong(station) and Sangsu(station) are the quieter areas compared to the busier streets around Hongdae(station).  By the way, when I say "Hongdae", I'm talking about the "area".  It's an area of about 3 stops (mentioned above).  You can get off any of the 3 stations to take your own walking tour :)

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