Book: Increasing body temperature by 1 degree

The importance of good health is a big part of Korean culture.

You will easily be scolded by peers/friends/boss/elders if you aren't dressed warm enough for the weather.  But the most common being food being labeled as "good for ______ ".  Let's name a few...

"eels are good for stamina"  - with a "wink" or smirk from a colleague/friend or even the restaurant staff. 

"sweet potatoes are good for a good bowel movement" - This one being pretty common among women especially.  Korean women are not shy about talking about their bowel movement.  "I've been constipated lately~" is an easy subject to bring up among friends.  Even Korean "yogurt" ads on TV will blatantly tell you it's good for a "pleasant bowel movement" known as 쾌변 :)  Heck, even some yogurts will have those two words on the bottle!

Personally, I'm not fazed by any of their "food for _____".  I used to doubt it all, but after being here for sometime, I've come to realize that, "food is medicine". You will easily see shows on TV educating about a certain type of food and its benefits.  I love all the "heath shows" in Korea.  It has definitely made me aware that food makes us.  Being aware of what you take in only does good~

BOOK REVIEW:  This book talks about the benefits of a maintaining/increasing body temperature for good health.  A cold, "lower temperature" body does not fight off self properly and gets ill easily.  A proper temperature allows the body to fight off diseases and stay strong.   When thinking back home in the states, temperatures at home/buildings are freezing cold.  Bad enough that one has to bring a sweater on a summer day inside an office.  Is this healthy?  Try it, keep yourself warm and get being used to the "heat" our body produces.  I actually used to hate "feeling hot".  Now, I can't take "feeling cold".   I haven't gotten a cold in 2+ years. 

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