Seoul subway - Gwanghwamoon

Here are some photos of Gwanghwamoon station.

seoul subway station
Name of the station/#/in Chinese & English
 A lot of signs are in English and Chinese

It looks confusing for most new comers here, but if you take it all in, you will see how it's almost impossible to get lost in Korean subway. 

There are arrows and signs to help you navigate around.

seoul subway station
Exit and follow signs to your exit
And if somehow you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask :) 

seoul subway station
Doors that automatically open!
A lot of Koreans have a "neutral face", but don't let that scare you from asking for help.  Filter your help to the HS/college~mid30 crowd.  

seoul subway station
Signs pointing you to the exit

seoul subway station
An emptier Gwanghwamoon station

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