Recent skincare purchase

I've been a skin maniac for some time now.  It's an ongoing learning process for me.  My skin has a mind of its own.  These days, it screams for MOISTURE and exfoliation.

I stocked up on goodies because of a sale at my favorite store called, Olive Young.  They sell cosmetics & health items.  I typically only buy things there when my favorite items go on sale.  They do have some good sales time to time, so I try to check up on the store when I pass by one~^^

(favorite masks on 1+1 sale, DHC olive oil cleanser & some samples)

I found my newest facial mask!  The green colored packs are 3000won for two, 1+1 sale.  I LOVE 1+1 sales!!!  I actually tried it because of the sale and after some visible results, I stocked up on them today :D  I was never really a fan of masks until recently.  I try to put on a mask at least once a week but recently because of my drier skin, once every 2 days.  The drastic change in weather, from humid to dry doesn't help.  My skin goes through a panic every change of season actually.

I also love OLIVE OIL cleansers.  I did without it during the summer because anymore oil on my much oilier skin does no good.  But it's making a comeback this season.  I need it.  I use it to massage my face & to rid of impurities.  It also helps with hydrating my drier skin in the fall/winter season.  I tried other "oil cleansers" before that were not out of olive oil, and my skin hated it!  I'm no longer going to be adventurous with oil cleansers~

What are your favorite skin goodies? ;)

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