Nescafe Dolce Gusto - machine & capsules in Korea

We finally found our way around having coffee as much as we want and also not spending 3-4000won for a cup of it.  I actually got the Nescafe coffee maker as a "gift" with a washing machine purchase about 2 years ago! Yes, the perks of buying a huge purchase here is that you can easily get/demand a "free item" ;)  

We never thought of having coffee in a capsule~ Never say never!  These capsules actually produce a decent cup of coffee.  It can never replace a freshly grounded coffee obviously, but it's close enough.  Let's say it's about a quality close to a cup of "Paris Baguette" coffee~ so that's about a 3000won coffee for around 600won a cup!   

TIP:  You can purchase the capsules in Emart (big grocery chain store nation wide in Korea).  They sometimes run out of our favorites, Americano and Lungo - so stock up on them before they run out - which usually sometimes goes for weeks..

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