where have i been

here, right here...^^ sorry for the lack of posts.. but im here!! still enjoying seoul and pursuing to live w sweets forever..

btw, our neighborhood cafe serves the best affogato~ so pretty and tasty!

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  1. HI Meow,

    I've come across your blog as I was helping out a friend who is going to go to Korea and looking for a baking supply store(s). My friend is an avid baker and loves to go buy baking tools/utensils from various countries that she visits. She said that (aside from the typical stuff) there are always some cool tools/utensils that also carry the unique charms of each country. She wants to look for that in Korea as she will be going on a Trip there this April (2011).

    I was wondering if you can help recommend the place or store that my friend could visit? Is it only at bangsan market (saw your other post on it)? or there are more places that my friend can get lost in the world of baking tools/utensils?

    Appreciate any insight that you might have on this subject. Thank you so much!!


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