bitter sweet 9 - chocolate shop in Hongdae

at hapjeong, we were wandering around and stumbled across this small chocolate shop... couldnt just pass through it, look how cute it is outside. it was hidden around a corner in a more residential street...

i got shy around wanting to sneak a peek at the small shop.. ^^ but glad we went it bc we found the best hot chocolate~~

def. have to go back again for other things.. it was such a perfect fall day to sip on hot chocolate to go (they didn't have any tables - its more of a take out shop)...

i dont even know how to describe it, a hint of spice and delicate flavors.. it wasn't your typical "hot choco", lets leave it at that..

DIRECTIONS: hapjeong station, exit 5. turn right on the first corner and walk down a lil hill down and keep walking on the left side of street.. keep walking 2-3 blocks or so until you see a "yellow" cafe (cant remember name..ahh.).. turn left on that corner and keep walking up until you see a small "white" cafe (bitter sweet 9) on your left! tada~~~

btw, don't be afraid to "get lost" since you might just stumble on something you like~ ^-^


  1. one of our best finds, yet!
    and in a perfect location :))

  2. hehe indeed!! :))) gotta go back soon!

  3. Oh, how cute! How do you get there from the Hapjeong subway station?

  4. hope the directions helps^^ (updated) if you need any more directions, please let us know! :)


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