What is going on in Korea?

Thank you God.

Those are some of the things that run in my head when I look at the current situation in Korea.  There's just so much negativity and instability that it's sad to even bring it up.

We were ridiculed when we started complaining about the air quality, now it's actually become one of the #1 issues the Korean people want the new president to solve.  Sometimes I'm way ahead of these things.  Not to brag- but really - there's no way these things can be ignored without its consequences.   I was really scared of  the old princess become a president - and boy she's worse than I could have imagined.  I watched her debate with the other candidate and I couldn't imagine someone so empty be a leader and at that a president.  Her rule proves what Korea has become now.

Sure, it's  none of my business, but it is - one affects another - who knows what the deterioration of Korea is bringing.  It was built up and now it's crumbling down - and pretty fast at that.

I am really glad - more than glad - more so THANK GOD to be out  of Korea.

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