Kkan-Bu Chicken! Newest favorite chicken place

yum yum yum
We found our latest favorite chicken delivery place!  KKANBU CHICKEN!

It's located in our apartment building - but we order it to be delivered..^^
Somehow delivery chicken tastes better, much better at home :D

wow wow wow - look at the size of the chicken cuts! 

crispy and yummy potatoes

It's "yang-nyeom" chicken for 17,000won and half an order of wedge fried potatoes for 6000won.  The quality of the chicken is really juicy and heavy(in weight)!

I've had some skinny Korean chickens before - but these are a lot bigger and heavier!  Very juicy and the sauce is delish!  Not too spicy and sweet~~

salt & pepper and "sauce" for dipping

KKANBU chicken is a smaller chicken place located in few locations across Seoul.  You can also dine in if you want.

But we prefer delivery ;)

Location for KKANBU CHICKEN in Gongdeok;

Get off Aeogae station (line 5, purple color) - exit 1 - walk down the road until you see a GS Mart on the corner - turn right to that road and keep walking up until you see a Raemian Apartment complex ahead.  The chicken place is located right off the left of the parking lot entrance to the apartment complex.

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