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Food/vegetable/fruit prices are ridiculously volatile in Korea.  A bundle of onions were almost 5500won, when it was just 4000won couple months ago.

I can't stand paying that much for basic veggies - there was even a recent case of theft of onions!  I hope the new government will do something about this like they are promising.

So anyways, we need our veggies no matter what - there's no escaping that.  So I came across drying veggies - supposedly it also allows more nutrients as it is dried.  You can google it more if you are interested^^

I came upon drying veggies like pumpkin, broccoli, leafy greens...

I started with pumpkins - I like to add them to "dwenjang jjigae", side dishes, and with rice.

getting some sun

I used to store them fresh on the freezer and they would take so much space!  Now it only takes 1/4 or less of space :D

It took about 5 days to completely dry them - you can also use the oven/crisper(?) - but I don't want to use anymore electricity.

It takes some space - but it's pretty seeing these heavy chunky yellow cuts transform to crispy leafy pieces.

dried pumpkin cuts

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