End of May 2013...time goes so fast!

While some people desire to live in a bustling city (perhaps like Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, NYC, or DC..) - I day dream of our future farm house with goats and chickens while over looking a garden of my own.   For now, I am still stuck in the middle of Seoul. 

I guess the grass looks greener on the other side.

Seoul city hall library display this Month


I told you about the "cloth toilet wipes" I use for my #1s (as a woman, we use so much!).

Here they are.  I cut up an old bed sheet that was too small.

I cut up the edges like so - no need for stitching. You can invest in a good pair of pinking sheers, it's worth it.

I like them.  They are very comfortable on my delicate skin.  And I no longer have to stress about hunting for the next sale on TP. 

I just throw them in anytime I have my next load of laundry.  No stress. 

No, they don't stink up the bathroom, You can put a small hamper for the wipes after using them.
I don't have the courage to use them for #2s, but some do. I will leave that up to you!

If you have some old good quality sheets - these are so easy to make and use.  You can either cut them up like so, or stitch them however you want.  


I splurged on some "health food" this month.  I got this honey on sale for around 25,000won (retail price is around 40,000won).  And the price at home(USA) is about $20.  

I feed a spoonful for each of us every day.  We indulge on it like its a special treat.


I'm eliminating a lot of my "grain" intake lately.  I try to limit myself to only half a rice bowl a day.   Lots of animal fat, meat, veggies and fruit. 

dinner - pork & veggie saute with "dwenjang sauce"

It's getting easier.  The first week was hard. 

I got back on this semi "Paleo diet" because one day, I found myself so bloated after switching to brown rice and not watching what I was eating (having jajangmyun and eating late nights..).  My body reacts to all of that. 

And after learning more about how "grains are anti nutrients" - I'm making some changes in our diet.

I'm also getting rid of all the "veg oil"(cooking oil) - too processed and "bad fat" for our body.  Yes, I like experimenting. 

2 weeks in so far - so far so good. I feel healthier and getting more comfortable being "hungry" and not being as cranky when I don't eat every hour :)

For now,
that is all~*

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