Easy seaweed soup without meat

Seaweed soup - "miyok gook" is a simple recipe that I try to prepare once a week for its health benefits. 

Seaweed, onions and soy sauce is all you need!

our staple soup - miyok gook

Preparation:  Soak 1/2 cup of dried seaweed in water (20 minutes~ until a bit bloated)

1) Saute 1/3 of an onion(diced) until clear (use good quality oil - grape/olive/sesame oil).
2) Add soaked dried seaweed, saute with the onions for a minute over medium heat.
3) Add 1 TB (tablespoon) of soy sauce and let simmer (lower heat) and cover for 3 minutes.
4) Add enough water until consistency of soup desired - I usually add enough water for seaweed to level with water - it's your preference.
5) Cover and boil for 7 minutes - taste & season with 1 tsp of soy sauce or pinch of salt if desired.  *Adjust
saltiness with salt - too much soy sauce will make it taste "soy saucy."

That is it!  Very easy.  

Using good quality seaweed and ingredients (oil, soy sauce) makes a huge difference.  

I prefer a very chunky hearty seaweed soup with just enough water and less salt.

Food is medicine!


  1. Love the simplicity of this recipe.
    I added a lttle bit of beef stock and sesame seeds to finish for extra flavour, though I couldn't manage to keep the seaweed green.
    Shall I put in dry instead of soaking?

  2. Thank you! That sounds like a nice addition - beef stock and sesame seeds. The "dried seaweed" tends to get green when cooked when it's the "softer" part of a seaweed (if I am not wrong here). It's your preference in taste and color, but I think it doesn't change the taste as much.


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