good old USA

just came back from a much needed visit home, U S of A.

we enjoyed lots of drive thrus to Krispy Kreme for one,

"2 original glazed and 2 med coffee" for around $3 - can't beat that.

I love America.

You can't get prices like that here in Korea - which saddens me so much.

I enjoyed my share of hoagies, WAWA stops, soups, and rubens... ahh, it's American baby.

and I'm back here in Seoul with dusty polluted hair.

sure, pessimistic?  nope, just being realistic.

it's hard coming back to something like this.

over priced coffee for one

and you can't walk out of the door without putting yourself together

nor a (air)mask on,

I miss the good old America.

I got used to getting out of bed to a diner

unlimited coffee and such

I guess it takes some time for me to realize what I had

it's all a perception really.

I used to adore Korean city life style,

but I am getting too irritated of the "fluff".

I want to walk out of the house with pjs on and not care,

that's America baby.

I'm coming back soon to be that lazy sleepy head diner person

and I can't wait.

some things are good for others and some not

it's all how you take it, your take on what's good for you.

Korea I loved you, but I really really adore American life style now.

I guess I've changed.

I miss the uncaring part of it.

And all the cheap coffee and donuts and such.

soon, we will reunite and I will blend in like the good Americans.

Hi How are you?  GREAT!  THANK YOU! AND YOU?!

-by me

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