I blog about my thoughts

it's strange.  a recent spike of comments have been about "my thoughts are wrong" etc.. the fact is that, it probably is to you.  why even bother posting and wasting your time.  haters are gonna hate.

there is always another side to everything.  that's life. 

im not writing an article on msnbc or a worldwide journal, so it's not meant to be universal, or even right.

save yourself your time and trouble from being angry or insulted by my thoughts.  it's really not worth it to you.

do you come here to read about my citations and facts and correct observations?  i hope not, because if you are, then you're in the wrong place.  my blog is solely about what i think.  i don't stress about the details of my writing.

blogging is about my idea and about what i think and what i like.

move on and don't read if you don't agree.  it's that simple.

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