Life after 10 years in Korea

I'm so happy to be back in the states.  Living in Korea for  a decade has taught me so many things.  I am more appreciative even of the simple things here, such as the ease of breathing fresh crisp air... to eating a simple good sandwich.

Of course, it's hard to compare the two countries and life styles because Korea and USA are way too different -  the fast city life and culture in Seoul to the slow easy life in the suburbs.  Because of my experience of living in Korea, life is the states is soooooooo much better.  I am soaking up the slow life in the 'burbs - enjoying the view out the yard in front and back. 

Things that are different now:
  • I love the weather (rain or shine, cold  or sunny)
  • I breathe fresh air everyday 
  • I create my own vase of fresh flowers once a week with rose, kangaroo paw flower, and pincushion flowers from our garden
  • I drive my own car and run errands without walking no longer.
  • I shop for groceries on foot now instead of ordering them online.
  • I  no longer check the air pollution level when going out
  • I have a general appreciation of the suburb life - slow, slow good life
  • I am much much slower
  • I am at ease
  • I am less stressed

Things that are the same after 10 years in Korea:
  • I prefer warmth over being cold: I wear a sweater even in 70s weather
  • I need to eat rice at least once week! 
  • I also need a hot meal at least once a week (cold salads and sandwiches can only go so far).
  • I have the same rice cooker from Korea! (from Hmart)

Things that I do not miss from Korea(Seoul):
  • air pollution
  • gray sky
  • crowds
  • fast fast fast culture
  • traffic
  • being next to N.Korea and China 
  • climbing prices (necessities to luxuries)

Things that I miss from Korea:
  • clean efficient subways 
  • Bong-Pi-Yang restaurant (good Korean food)
  • mouth scalding hot soups
  • cute cafes
  • good coffee shops in every block
  • "Seoul Milk"

 As you can see there's no comparison.  Aside from the air pollution, instability, and fast paced culture in Seoul, life in Korea wasn't that bad.  But would I go back to living there again?  No.  Even if you paid me 10 million dollars.  I'll probably just spend the money to get away from Korea. 

Ironic how that is... because half of Americans or so are unhappy with the new president/politics or what not, but when you come from an unstable country like Korea (of today), you appreciate what you didn't have.

I also think that because my wants are different now that I am in my 30s(married) as supposed to being in my 20s(single) - my priorities are  much more different.   I surely didn't care about much of the stuff that I care for now. 

So there's that.

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