New hobby: coupons & gardening

not our home

We seem to make a stop over or two to Home Depot, or Lowes, or the local nurseries on the weekends - of course, only with a coupon or to scout on any sales.  

I love these coupons.  I forget they existed.  In Korea, couponing was a rare thing for us - since also we hesitated to buy things at the end of our stay there.  The constant moving really turned us off from buying stuff.  

But now that we are here to stay (I love Houston!) and that we can easily move a 6 ft tree in our truck - nothing is impossible!  Last week, we got a peach and nectarine tree (6 ft~) for only $19.99 each and that came with a "buy $60 and get $10 off coupon".  I'm in like my own little heaven here.  Gardening & savings all in one.

As much I want to restrain myself from buying anymore, I have to coax myself  into indulging in my new hobby of creating my backyard as a fruit tree/forest oasis...

But for now, the yard looks like a patch of dug up areas where I am burying my food scraps to get the soil fertile and aerated.  We have heavy/muddy soil.  

I'm sure the lawn keepers are really curious why we get our lawn cut by them - but do everything else ourselves.  I think they might understand that gardening is not a chore, but an inspiring and relaxing hobby - turning nothings into beauties.  I think they'd totally understand.

photo credit: square foot hydroponics http://www.sqfoothydro.com hydroponic growing systems via photopin (license)

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