a new ME in 2019

It was just few weeks ago that I was getting comfortable writing "2019" on paper...and now soon, in 6 months, I'll have to get used to 2020 on paper.

I have this terrible short term memory, even dates and my favorites authors go MIA in this noggin of mine.

So 2019 is already passing.. quite fast.

We are still in Texas and getting used to the Texan life.

It's hot in June - of course - and I'm only feeling guilty that I haven't planted any vegetable plants.. the only edibles in our garden is the two okra plants that survived the winter, and a pineapple guava that I'm reviving.  And the rest are the pretty non edibles I kind of wish I didn't get.

I look back at what happened in 2019 that kept me too occupied from even planting one single tomato plant... 

... a lot of learning

... a whole lot of realizations

... a whole shift in being


2019 has been a the shift that I've been waiting for - what I really needed really for these past 7-10 years.

ENERGY SHIFT.  spiritual shift lets say.

You know that saying every 7 years, we are a whole new being?! I think that's what exactly has been happening this early 2019.

I'm ready to move and embrace this change.

Like a butterfly breaking away from its cocoon.  I'm ready to fly fly fly 

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