loving America a long time

Korea is becoming "westernized" really really fast.

I turn on the TV to find Kpop singers fondling each other on stage mimicking a sexual act - or a pole dancing girl group on stage supposed to be a serious act?  is this all a joke?

did Korea poke themselves in the butt to just be another "western american puppet" - apparently so.

kids are having more sex with strangers - promiscuity is becoming normal and "cool"er than it was 10 years ago.  Oh, Korea is going through its nasty puberty stage.  I just hope it matures and grows up - soon (will it?!).

Korea, stop being a puppet. 

respect your own culture and stay away from being so sexual - it's not a good influence for the kids and their future.

I want old Korea back - with more morals - and respect for their culture. 

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