the only way to eat

I came across an info-graph this week about how households these days are spending less and less money on food, much lower compared back 50 years ago, I think it was about 40% then, and now around 15~20%?  (if I remember correctly). 

I used to be one of them.  Just 3 years so years ago, I had no clue or interest in nutrition and had my priorities else where.  I now cringe at the thought when I used to buy a "1000won square ham" for our curry dinner.

So, to cut the story short, we spend much of our monies on food, quality food.  We always try to go organic when possible.

organic apples - in stock!

Recently, my husband "cured" his apple allergies!

Yes, he was allergic to them forever, until just 2~3 months ago.  He can now eat a whole apple with skins and all - without any reaction., but the thing is they were all "organic apples" or "high quality" apples. 

I'd like to think that changing our life style;  eating healthier (organic), eating/cooking more at home, avoiding processed food/eating out, taking folic acid / magnesium / omega 3 / chlorella  / vitamin C / supplements had to do something with it...  I would like to think so! 

I think it's worth spending good money on higher quality food (=paying attention to what you put in your body).

Hey, it even cured my husband's apple allergies :P

organic onions straight from the farm - much sweeter and much longer shelf life

you are what you eat..

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