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I LOVE choco milk.. it brings me back to middle school.  I would always grab the chocolate milk in lunch like it was my only mission  (in case someone would grab them first and be gone!).  And now that I'm trying to gain weight - I'm drinking it like a baby wants its mommy's milk.   I'm loving it right now.  All this choco milk is making me happy..

I picked up this new Energy Choco Milk from "SeoulMilk" (it was on sale for 1+1) - supposedly gives you energy.   B vitamins, taurin..stuff to make you energetic.  So far, maybe it's working, but it doesn't taste as good as my chocomilk.

my chocomilk - organic milk and choco latte mix..

And when the weather is as depressing as today, my larva guy keeps me giggly.  Check him out if you have no idea who and what this cute guy is.  It also works as my weapon against Jack eating my plants (instead of me shouting).  It squeaks!

horrible weather... and the air pollution is above normal.. bleh

At supposedly 27 celcius outside today (whatever weather app - you're always so wrong), it feels like 31 (humidity+++)!  The AC is on - and I finally finally figured this whole celcius thing.  24 C is a very comfortable temperature for us.  I can't believe I used to turn it to 19 and had no idea.. no wonder those Korean bosses lectured me on energy saving..blah blah





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